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AC LW550 

 AC LW550 Sliding gate opener


The LW550 gate opener suits gates weighing a maximum of 1500gs.

Our electric gate opener is heavy-duty, robust and designed for large residential gates.

The gate opener has a built-in controller, receiver and emergency key release. Its power supply is 110V or 220V a power rating of 550watt.

The gate opener is one of the safest on the market with its Anti Crush function that enables the gate to stop on impact and reverse to its original position.

The Auto close function has a time range of 0-120 seconds that is adjustable along with the openers Torque.







    Kit Inclusions
    2 x Release Key
    4m Nylon racking
    3 x Remotes - up to 30mtr range
    Installation Manual



    Max gate weight: 1500kgs each
    Remotes 433mhz
    Speed: 12mtr/min
    Motor: 550watts
    Magnetic limits



                                      240 volt robust motor
                                      Auto close up to 120 seconds
                                      Emergency release keys
                                      Inbuilt obstruction sensor 

                                      Suitable for gradients




                                     More Information

                                     Main Manual
                                     Push Button
                                     Keyed Push Button
                                     Wired Keypad - instructions or Photo 
                                     Remote tuning
                                     LATE MODEL manual and other                                              instructions

                                     How to install a sliding gate
                                     Measuring & setup

    Slide gate setup

    The sliding gate set up, shows you the extra 100mm over hang at each end of the gate behind the posts plus the tails for the motor and guide bracket. The racking on the bottom of the gate needs to run the whole length of the bottom rail. Your wheels usually sit up inside the bottom 100x50 rail for a minimal gap under the gate.